Double dead.

A Promise To Mom


Mom and I are talking about one of my childhood friends which got pregnant early and how difficult it is for their family since her Mom is the only one working (she wash clothes for a living until present day) and their father already passed away.

I joke around and told my Mom how lucky she was having us as her children. My Mom agreed and said, ‘Tinutupad mo kasi pangako mo sa akin ‘di ba?’

The only promise I remember telling my Mom was, ‘Hindi ako uuwing buntis’ hahaha but then I still asked what was that and Mom replied ‘Na hindi na ako ulit dadanas ng hirap’

I was in total surprise and just agreed by saying ‘Syempre!’

I wasn’t there yet I swear, in keeping the promise, kasi mahirap pa rin kami hahaha. I can barely recall when I made the promise or if I actually made it, maybe it was some sort of a joke but parents remember a promise their children told them. And they know if we are keeping it.

You can call me a Mama’s girl or whatever but I just love sharing these priceless moments I have with my Mom because there is nothing greater in this world than a mother’s love felt best everyday.

So, give your Mom a hug today and tell them that she has a wonderful son/daughter, pinapasabi ko kamo. Hihihi, cuz I know. At huwag niyo pinapasakit ulo ng mga magulang niyo, huwag puro lakwatsa at kaharutan. Balance okay. Mag aral, magtrabaho ng mabuti. MYMP.

At saka pabasa mo na rin ‘to sa Mama mo:

Hi Tita!!!!!!!!!! Ano pong ulam niyo? Hahaha! Pakaen naman po! :P

Duh, ugh cold morning

Scary weather this morning, zero visibility levelz. Ingat mga Dai!

Scandalous Life.

Braso De Mercedes feat my Prettyboy @rushromano hahaha

Forgot his name. Someone please ID. He saw me peeing cuz I forgot to lock the door hahaha. Kailangan niya ako panagutan hahahah (at The Distillery)


Hashtag Ikaw Pa Rin


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Love you Hon @keizer2022 oink oink oink! 🐷🐷🐷


Some $hit survive. ✌️
(Don’t just give up)
G. Morningz suckassez

Kopiko presents Kopiccino.

Team Ederlyn! Hahahaha