Kitakits sa Barangay Rally ng taon mga bakla ng panahon!!! ❤️💛💙💜💚

Evansday 2014 feat Claude Villahermosa


that kind of bestfriend though

Whenever I hear crazy BFF stories, I’ve never heard such crazy like what I had with my best friend. I met my best friend October of 2007 and he’s still my friend until the present day. TBH we’re not that close as we used to be years ago but whenever we see each other, we just clicked and have fun together.

And so last weekend, I think we had the craziest bonding together.

so sorry i can’t say it here.

but I want to blog about it at least so I can be able to read this post years from now and I’ll cracked up laughing and maybe by that time, I am ready to let you know about this.

I’m telling, crazier than a motherfucking shit it was.

Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh #kiligpekpek #palakpaklabiamajora #happypepe #kirikirikeps #hahaha


Friendly Advice

Cuz getting silver ain’t bitch enough.

There is too much going on in my life right now. Too much I think I might explode or self destruct anytime. There’s just too much issues I have decided to be nonchalant about it cuz if I let inside my heart and my mind altogether, I’m afraid I can’t be able to process any good solution to this.

My birthday’s coming, yet I’m about to lose my job cuz Dell is going to transfer our department to another country where they pay less salary than ours. I have debts here and there. Got one big family problem. And lots of other problems aaaaargggh.

I dunno. I just want a simple life, how did it become so fucking complicated like this.


Pie kuuuu @volckmann17 missed you!!!! Love you forevs! Kahit ano pa magig body figure mo hahahaha


Photobomber @kevcusi hahahaha. Love you Hon @keizer2022 di ko trip hairdo mo huehuehue

Juice meh

Hmmm I miss Rih. Wala siya sa VMA’s pagod yata si bakla at kakatapos lang ng Monster Tour. Gusto daw niya magpahinga muna hahahahah

Helloooo babyyy why so cuuutreee RG @nickygalang: Hi baby ❤️ @inahevans #regramapp