He calls me bae

Finally a summer getaway with meh Hon @keizer2022 🐷🐭🐀🐖 (at Skyway Magallanes Exit)

To Puerto Galera

I am

Bitch please. #girlpower


Kala mo nasa bangka e no hahaha. Summer in the jeepney!!! Hahaha

Summer Sirena

Internet has an answer to everything.

The sun and the waves and you and meeeee

Paalala: Wala po munang meat, plantsa plansta lang po hanggang di pa Easter. 👼

See you this year!!! RG @pradaandmarijuana: Throwback. Evansday 2013 . Ugh. Tagal pa mag october! Hahaha @inahevans #tbt #regramapp

Bet it’s funnier if Lindsay’s going to be one of the series’ regulars hahahah I wish #LindsayLohan #2brokegirls #MaxBlack #CarolineChanning #KatDennings #BethBehrs

Well well…

hi ate you know what ate every time i saw your amazing vlogs in my fb timeline your vlog always make my day po..:D

Aww, thank you Beh! I’m happy that I make your day anyway hahahaha mwa!